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Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.


Pile Language

This quick Pile Language reference card. is a superset of the in-app reference card. It provides some additional details of certain operators.

This Upcoming Pile Language reference card provides some information of upcoming features of the language as being developed right now.

Pile Sample Code

This Pile Samples page shows some scripting samples you can copy-paste into MoPile Explorer. These are the sample code examples that were previously available on the decommissioned Forum.

Pile language User Forum


Spammers, being smarter than the forum software being used, forced us to close the forum.

Sample code will therefore be moved in this Wiki site.

MoPile Explorer

MoPile Explorer user manual.

Get started using MoPile Explorer using the quick MoPile Explorer app guide.

iOS and Mac OS X developers

The Pile language interpreter will be available to 3rd-party developers for inclusion into their iOS or Mac OS X applications.

Licensing details on this are forth-coming.

The Pile Integration guide contains some information on getting started with coding applications that support Pile.

Reported issues & bug database

Use the Forum to discuss script errors and questions you may encounter. When errors will be determined to be attributable to the Pile language interpreter, or Mopile Explorer app itself, the ssiues will be recorded and documented in the Reported issues database.

Bar exceptions, issues will be documented publically and corrected in subsequent releases.

--PileAdmin 21:06, 13 June 2011 (MDT)

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